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Recent News from SRT

Innovation Award Final Thoughts

Kuka YouBotSRT would like to thank KUKA Laboratories for selecting us for the KUKA Innovation Award and for the opportunity to work with a youBot for the last 8 months in developing and maturing our Autonomous Custodial Architecture (ACA). The youBot platform provided a strong demonstration capability to allow implementation of our architecture and we hope to continue maturing this work beyond the Innovation Award opportunity. We would like to extend our congratulations to the University of Zurich, Robotics & Perception Group, the winners of the KUKA Innovation Award on their excellent work with their collaborative air-ground robotics demonstration!

Innovation Award Mid-Term Update

Kuka YouBotWe have reached the mid-point of the KUKA Innovation Award program, and progress has been pretty strong so far. SRT has been working towards the development of an Autonomous Custodial Architecture (ACA) to control a multi-robot system through the various roles of cleaning an office environment. The KUKA youBot is playing the role of trash can detection and emptying, while a swarm of iRobot Creates are being used to simulate vacuuming. Utilizing shared office space mapping and robot localization, along with task-driven assignments, these systems are successfully navigating their environment and fulfilling their robotic roles. We are looking forward to competing with other great innovative organizations during the Automatica 2014 Conference in Munich.

SRT Selected for Sponsored Track in Kuka YouBot Innovation Award

Kuka YouBotWe're proud to announce that Service Robotics & Technologies has been selected as one of the teams in the sponsored track of Kuka's Innovation in Mobile Manipulation Award competition!

The award is intended to accelerate the pace of innovation in the field of mobile manipulation at large and to better prepare technology transfers from academia and research to industry. The selected finalists will present their solutions not only to the jury, but also to KUKA management and to the expert public at the leading international robotics trade show Automatica 2014, where the award ceremony will take place.

We can't wait to receive our YouBot and start working with it!