About SRT

Service Robotics & Technologies (SRT) is a technology infusion company bringing cutting edge robotic systems to service industry businesses. SRT is a Virginia-based service robotics startup focusing on innovative service robotic systems leveraging 3rd party hardware platforms. We strive to deliver innovative robotic solutions to make everyday tasks easier for individuals and businesses. Our corporate focus is on the service industry, providing robotic solutions to augment human driven tasks such as in the custodial, hospitality, and food/beverage industries. SRT builds on the previous experience of AstroTechnic Solutions, Inc., a Virginia-based small business focusing on the space robotics sector.

The Team

Gregory P. Scott, PhD (Founder and CEO)

Gregory P. Scott ScottGreg has a passion for integrating robotic systems to support the everyday needs of people in everyday life. With a PhD in robotics, his primary research focus has been legged locomotion and robotic manipulation and currently works full-time with the US Naval Research Laboratory as an aerospace engineer and space roboticist. Greg has daily experience working with industrial robotic systems such as the Mitsubushi PA10, KUKA LWR, and Schilling Atlas manipulators, as well as custom manipulators for the space environment such as the FREND space manipulator. He dedicates all of his remaining time to the development of SRT and service robotic systems for non-government use. Greg has a vision for utilizing robotic systems to augment the repetitive and mundane daily tasks of humans.

Karoline P. Pershell, PhD (Director of Research and Strategy)

Karoline P. Pershell, PhDWith a PhD in mathematics, Dr. Pershell has served as Evaluation Coordinator for the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, and has significant experience working with clients and hardware partners. Dr. Pershell will work with our clients and deployment sites to establish the optimal sensors and data collection for our product.

Jason Powell (Deputy Director of Plans and Integration)

Jason PowellJason is a newer member of our team, and supports our team's strategic planning towards the integration of new devices and systems. Jason specializes in hardware partner relations and is responsible for the management of the integration of new devices and systems into our framework and front-end.

Dan Hull (Software)

Dan HullDan is a software developer with a specialty in software integration, testing, and hardware API development. Mr. Hull is lead developer on SRT’s API integration and leads the integration of the new devices and their data outputs into the map building system.

Steven Wright (Software)

Steven WrightSteve is a full stack developer with a specialty in cloud system development, mobile app development, front-end design, and graphic design. Steve is lead developer on SRT’s front-end and user experience.

Kirk Collins (Business Support)

Kirk CollinsKirk is a business development intern with SRT. Mr. Collins will oversee device procurement and work with the clients and deployment sites in defining the parameters for product pricing.