About SRT

Service Robotics & Technologies (SRT) is a technology infusion company bringing cutting edge robotic systems to service industry businesses. SRT is a Virginia-based service robotics startup focusing on innovative service robotic systems leveraging 3rd party hardware platforms. We strive to deliver innovative robotic solutions to make everyday tasks easier for individuals and businesses. Our corporate focus is on the service industry, providing robotic solutions to augment human driven tasks such as in the custodial, hospitality, and food/beverage industries. SRT builds on the previous experience of AstroTechnic Solutions, Inc., a Virginia-based small business focusing on the space robotics sector.


Gregory P. Scott, PhD (Co-Founder: Robotics)

Gregory P. Scott ScottGreg has a passion for integrating robotic systems to support the everyday needs of people in everyday life. With a PhD in robotics, his primary research focus has been legged locomotion and robotic manipulation and currently works full-time with the US Naval Research Laboratory as an aerospace engineer and space roboticist. Greg has daily experience working with industrial robotic systems such as the Mitsubushi PA10, KUKA LWR, and Schilling Atlas manipulators, as well as custom manipulators for the space environment such as the FREND space manipulator. He dedicates all of his remaining time to the development of SRT and service robotic systems for non-government use. Greg has a vision for utilizing robotic systems to augment the repetitive and mundane daily tasks of humans.

Kris A. Romig (Co-Founder: Operations)

Kris A. RomigKris has spent the past 13 years in the aerospace industry working for NASA as a systems engineer, program manager, and technology transfer manager. As a program manager and systems engineer, he managed projects in excess of $30M and performed systems engineering functions for advanced cryogenic propulsion technologies working with a distributed team of engineers from across the United States. With his technology transfer expertise, Kris was focused on evaluating NASA derived technologies for transfer to private sector companies for terrestrial applications. Kris has a vision for transitioning cutting edge robotic technologies for emerging and undiscovered markets.

Evan Sonderegger (Co-Founder: Software)

Evan SondereggerEvan has been writing code and maintaining Linux systems for over ten years. Since 2006, Evan has served as audio engineer for “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band. In addition to his primary audio duties, Evan is responsible for long-term storage and access of the Band’s digital audio archives. In this capacity, he has gained expertise in user interface development, database management, and version control, as well language expertise in Python, PHP, and Javascript. When not working with audio and traditional software development, Evan enjoys experimenting with other technical systems and has most recently been working with ROS and Arduino enabled systems.

Special Thanks

Laura Shoup (Design)

Laura is an award-winning Graphic Designer with more than 11 years of experience orchestrating direct mail, web, and print graphic design operations. She combines her innovative and creative leadership strengths to effectively lead projects that target diverse audiences and has a dynamic background to provide design expertise / services to corporate and government entities. A variety of her design work can be found on her online portfolio here.