About SRT

Service Robotics & Technologies, Inc. (SRT) is a Virginia-based service robotics integration company bringing smart building systems to service industry businesses and commercial facilities. Incorporated in 2013, SRT has been focused on developing products and services to support the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) and service robotic hardware platforms into traditional service and custodial industry teams to help simplify and expand their transition into commercial facilities.

The Team

Gregory P. Scott, PhD (CEO and Founder)

Gregory P. Scott ScottGreg has a passion for integrating robotic systems and new technologies to support the needs of people in everyday life. With a PhD in robotics, his primary research focus has been legged locomotion and robotic manipulation while previously working with the US Naval Research Laboratory as an aerospace engineer and space roboticist. Greg has a deep experience working with industrial robotic systems such as the Mitsubushi PA10, KUKA LWR, and Schilling Atlas manipulators, as well as custom manipulators for the space environment such as the FREND space manipulator. Now, as full-time CEO of SRT, he is focused on building hardware partnerships with companies who have great commercial robotics and IoT devices, working with customers who want to experience the cost and compliance benefits of “smart buildings”, and onboarding investors to supplement NSF and CIT funded product development.

Karoline P. Pershell, PhD (COO and Director of Research and Strategy)

Karoline P. Pershell, PhDWith a PhD in mathematics, Dr. Pershell has served as Evaluation Coordinator for the Department of State’s Foreign Service Institute, and has significant experience working with clients to help translate their corporate needs into applicable products and services that SRT can provide. Dr. Pershell works with our clients and initial deployment sites to establish the optimal sensors and data collection for the M1 product.

Matt Lefevre (System Architect)

Matt LefevreWith over 20 years in the software and technology space, working with startups and Fortune 500 companies, Matt has architected and developed a number of software systems incorporating big data and actionable information for clients. Matt outlined the initial infrastructure for SRT’s M1 software and is now leading the transition from beta product to commercial product. He emphasizes Domain-Driven Design and primarily works with the .NET technology stack, but is well versed in a wide variety of traditional and new data management technologies and scripting languages.

Dan Hull (Back-end Software)

Dan HullDan is a software developer with a specialty in software integration, testing, and hardware API development. He is lead developer on SRT’s API integration and focuses on bringing devices from our new hardware partners into the M1.

Vishal Kole (Robotics Software)

Vishal KoleVishal is software developer with a passion for learning new technologies. Vishal has been exploring various fields of Robotics such as Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition, all while being part of RIT's Masters program. As a lead roboticist at SRT, his focus is on ROS programming and creating dynamic 3D maps.

Tasha Mitchell (Front-end Software)

Tasha MitchellTasha is a Software Developer with a passion for bringing words from mere paper and concepts into a visual reality that’s both thought-provoking and interactive. Here at SRT, she specializes in fleshing out and tailoring the front end interface to ensure that our users can have the best experience possible.

Khedija Khiyar (Finance and Accounts Manager)

Khedjia KhiyarKhedjia has spent most of her career as an executive assistant, operations manager, and bookkeeper for small businesses in the Washington DC area. Here at SRT, Khedija offers a bit of much needed balance to the otherwise deeply technical development team. She manages our books and day-to-day financial operations, creates estimates and invoices for clients, and helps us make sure we can keep the lights on every month!

Laura Binz (Public Relations and Communications Officer)

Laura BinzLaura is a former Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Alexandria Police Department, Online Communications Specialist/PIO for the City of Falls Church, and Communications Manager for YSA (Youth Service America). She graduated in 2011 from Georgetown University with a Master of Professional Studies in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Laura currently works part-time from home while raising her daughter.