SRT Selected as NSF SBIR Phase I Awardee

SRT is excited to announce that the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program has selected SRT as a Phase I awardee! Recently, SRT proposed "Development of an innovative software architecture for co-robots and smart devices to augment human capacity with regard to mundane tasking in the service sector." to the SBIR June 2016 Submission (NSF 16-554). This project will allow SRT to develop a proof of concept software package that would demonstrate the integration of the data streams between mobile robotic platforms and static commercial Internet of Things (IoT) devices, into a single framework and dashboard display.

CEO and Project PI, Greg Scott, states: "We are thrilled that the NSF has found our proposal both novel and commercially viable, and that they have provided us the seed funds to help kickstart this potentially game-changing software product for the service industry. We look forward to working with the NSF and our expanded development team to demonstrate this novel concept!"

SRT will be developing the robotics and IoT device integration, as well as demonstrating that data from these disparate devices can be integrated into a single manageable framework. Also on the team is Mindbox Studios of Eugene, Oregon, who will be developing an initial dashboard to display the collected device data and the locations of all devices on a facility map. Additionally, SRT is working with Upper Merion Area School District (UMASD) , a forward-thinking school district with a track record of testing new technologies to support their custodial services. UMASD will be a demonstration and test partner where SRT can deploy our software with new hardware integrations and validate our product in the field.

Mindbox Studios: Mindbox Studios is a digital technology company specializing in strategic tech leadership, design and custom web and mobile software development. Our goal is to provide the world with innovative and groundbreaking digital platforms that pushes the limits of the web and solves real problems in our world. Mindbox Studios is a collective of design and technology professionals who are passionate about innovation, design, user experience, and sustainable software development. We began in 2006 with a belief that there was a huge need for a tech innovation studio that can connect real business value with trendsetting technology. Ten years later we have over 18 incredible team members with hubs in Cincinnati, Ohio, Redding, California, and Eugene, Oregon building software that allows the government to work more efficiently, helps educators do their jobs with greater ease, and allowing real estate agents to have more capacity and make more money. The best part is, doing all of this is our dream job.

Upper Merion Area School District: Education has been part of the published history and culture of Upper Merion as far back as 1683 when William Penn persuaded a general assembly in Penn's colony to order all parents, trustees and guardians to "bear responsibility for the education of their children." It was a Swedish missionary who suggested that children in his settlement cease being tutored at home and be taught in a common school for that purpose. Many small schools have thrived to educate the children of the community since that time. By 1836, two years after a common school law was passed, Upper Merion had seven schools. The student population was 868. Today, over 170 years later, the Upper Merion Area School District is home to six schools; four elementary buildings serving grades pre-K to 4, a middle school for students in grades 5-8 and a high school for grades 9-12. The district now includes the boroughs of Bridgeport and West Conshohocken. In the 2014/2015 school year, we welcomed a diverse student population of over 3900.