SRT Attends NSF Phase I Beat-The-Odds Boot Camp

As part of the NSF Phase I program, SRT participated in a 6-week Beat-The-Odds Boot Camp, where the focus was to complete customer interviews, determine the primary needs of these customers in our field, and validate our value proposition. SRT interviewed over 30 potential clients, from end-users to decision-makers, and learned a few key points that helped influence our primary value proposition.

At the conclusion of the Bootcamp, SRT CEO Greg Scott pitched the company's business model canvas, and how it evolved over the course of the bootcamp, focusing on client needs and the overarching value proposition.

Representing SRT at this event were SRT CEO Greg Scott, COO Karoline Pershell, and advisors Buck Ward and Jon Hill. Buck, with more than 30 years in the custodial robotics industry, noted: "It has been a long time coming and something I have worked my entire career to help develop, but it seems that the era of integrated custodial robotics and other connected devices is finally upon us."