SRT Successfully Completes NSF Phase I Final Demo at UMASD

SRT completed our final demo for the National Science Foundation-funded SBIR Phase I program this week. Working with our deployment partner, Upper Merion Area School District, SRT completed the installation and demonstration of their software with a few integrated hardware components. We started by using our map-building robot to construct a physical map of their Administration Building. Once completed, SRT overlaid an engineering floor plan to the robot-built map and set up the dashboard for William Dillon, the Custodial Coordinator for the district. Then, within the software, SRT setup a variety of sensors, including Air Quality Eggs from Wicked Device to monitor indoor environmental conditions, tracking beacons from BeaconGrid to track movement in the building, and a modified Roomba to clean some of the cubicles. Upon completion, William stated: "UMASD is a forward-thinking school district, one that is always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce cost and improve the service we provide. We have been using custodial robotics for several years now and are excited to be working with SRT on the next big technological leap in custodial and building management." Following this successful demonstration of the requirements of the NSF Program, SRT is excited to continue working with UMASD to deploy additional devices into their district to help them provide better quality service and reduce costs.