Demonstrating Hardware with CyberClean Systems

Buck Ward, an advisor to SRT and founder of CyberClean Systems, invited us to Richmond to discuss his new venture and outline how we will be working together in the future. It was exciting to see CyberClean HQ, a small warehouse space in Richmond, packed full of well over a dozen industrial robotic floor cleaners. His new venture will be providing consulting services to commercial buildings looking to deploy custodial robotics and connected devices.

Additionally, we will be working with CyberClean Systems to setup a demonstration space for custodial robotics and IoT device for the service sector, there in Richmond. This space will be a showcase where prospective clients can visit and see active deployments of a variety of connected devices, allowing them to evaluate how they work in action. Working with SRT existing hardware partnerships, we will help outfit this showcase with connected bathroom dispensers, water flow meters and shutoff valves, air quality monitoring sensors, and much more.

We look forward to this new endeavor with CyberClean Systems!