By partnering with SRT, your devices are being understood in the context of a FULL smart building, reaping the benefits of shared device analytics.

Hardware Partnerships with SRT

SRT partners with hardware companies to integrate their software systems, data protocols, and data storage into a modular software framework, so that clients can seamlessly manage a smart building system.

For hardware partners at all levels, SRT directly accesses existing device APIs to bring in data for facility-wide inter-device analytics, data display, and user notifications. That is, SRT is flexible on the level of proprietary dashboard display that a hardware provider wants to maintain. SRT manages full client installations and support, allowing hardware partners to engage at whatever level is appropriate for their distribution and support models.

A partnership with SRT means your proprietary pieces are yours to run independently and, in the end, clients get to select the devices they know best fit their needs to get the actionable information they require to best run their facility.

Existing Hardware Partnerships

SRT has several existing hardware partnerships, and many more in-work. These range from static utility monitoring devices to mobile robots, as well as companies who have opened their APIs to SRT, and others who have entrusted SRT to be full-service distributors and resellers of their products. Some of these hardware partnerships include:

Distribution and Integrated Data Streams


Integrated Data Streams


Partnership Level in Discussion


Open-source API Integration


Joining the SRT Family

If you would like to take advantage of SRT’s hardware partnerships, please get in touch. We are always looking for device manufacturers who want to be part of our smart building infrastructure!