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ISSA is finally here!

This is my fifth year attending ISSA North America--and along the way I’ve met a lot of great people (including you!). We talked about custodial robotics, smart buildings, and building an ecosystem where all sorts of devices from different manufacturers can share data through our vision. Well, I’m really excited to announce that SRT is formally launching its product this year at the ISSA Show! The M1 Hardware Portal is a cloud-based smart building ecosystem that monitors and controls the devices within your building! We’ll be doing demos all week at the show from our booth #1269 and we’re offering a discount to all new clients.

I can’t wait to reconnect at the show! Please be sure to stop by and say hi if you’re back at the show again this year.


Hardware Partners

We are excited to have partnered with 15 smart device manufacturers for our initial product launch! These companies represent a wide swath of smart building capabilities, including service robots, weather stations, utility monitoring, asset/personnel tracking, and air quality monitoring systems. But for our clients to truly benefit from a fully integrated smart building ecosystem, we need to integrate even more products into our system. Our hardware partners take advantage of additional sales opportunities from our growing client base, as well as a new sales channel from a smart building integrator. And all we need is access to a subset of the data generated by your products so that we can provide insights back to our clients. We’d love to chat more with you and learn about your connected products! Set up a meeting with us at ISSA by clicking here.

Innovation Award

We have been nominated and are up for selection for the ISSA Innovation Award in their Services & Technology category. Click here to check out our product details, watch our promo video.

Our ISSA Presentations

Our CEO is excited to have not 1, not 2, but 3 presentations this year at ISSA, including a keynote panel, an education session, and a technical session! The details for each are below

Show Deal!

We’re offering all new clients a 20% discount on any of our software products or consulting services for anyone who stops by the booth for a demo and purchases within 2 months!