Smart Water Metering

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SRT Labs creates an ecosystem for hardware and software deployments on your campus. From building automation systems (BAS) to automated warehouse technology and asset tracking, to environmental monitoring and building security, SRT Labs provides concise insights for decision makers, allowing you an unparalleled level of unified control over your systems.

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    Smart Software Looks Good with Any Hardware

    SRT Labs partners with hardware manufacturers to provide you with a seamless, integrated, modular solution from the moment of deployment. Our data ecosystem can incorporate hardware sourced from multiple manufactures for any deployment. The end user sees only benefits. Use the hardware you need to achieve the results you want.


    “Smartify” Existing Meters

    Snap a smart reader to an existing meter to send data to our cloud-based system. This low-lift upgrade will remove the need for staff time spent on meter reading.

    Secondary Metering

    Installation of new smart meters at previously unmetered water lines.


    Provide precision metering to understand downstream usage, like landscaping zones, agricultural parcels, or even rooms of a building.

    Who do we impact?

    Smart buildings, smart campuses, and smart cities 

    City Administration

    Real-time usage monitoring supports tiered pricing for tax planning. Identifying changes in trends helps municipalities achieve water reduction goals.

    Business Owners

    Monitor water consumption and provide usage alerts to end-users. Our future-proofed system recognizes threshold limits and automates shutoffs so that users can budget their resources.

    Public Works

    Cloud-based data collection means no direct meter reading. We integrate with existing technologies so that PW Teams do not need to learn new systems. Receive alerts on municipality water overruns.

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