Team Bio

Dr. Gregory Scott

Dr. Gregory Scott, CEO, began with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and an MSc in Space Architecture from the University of Houston. He worked at Mission Control, launching the space shuttle for NASA at the Johnson Space Center, before heading to the University of Surrey where he completed his Ph.D. in Space Robotics, with a focus in planetary locomotion systems for exploration robots. He then worked for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, where he acquired and managed over $10 million in robotics R&D programs for NASA, DARPA, and the Navy. In 2013 he founded SRT, with the goal of bringing together service robots and commercial IoT devices from different manufacturers into the same ecosystem. Dr. Scott is always grateful that his interests and specialties have been adopted by popular culture, but he actively resists correcting people by saying, “Actually, it is rocket science.”

Dr. Karoline Pershell

Dr. Karoline Pershell, COO, has had a varied career in mathematics with expertise in theoretical systems, statistical modelling, and data analytics. She started as a Senate Page in Washington, D.C., then later earned her BS at the University of Tennessee at Martin, and her Masters and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rice University. She then taught as a math professor at University of Tennessee-Martin, at Quingdao University in China, and as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Hyderabad in India. She then served with the Department of State, and then as Executive Director of the Association for Women in Mathematics. At SRT she specializes in listening to client needs so as to align business intelligence to improve their workflow. In a career distinguished with awards and recognitions, she insists that her most meaningful accolade is the “Bumble Bee Award”, given when she was on UTM’s rodeo team as the first full-time, female collegiate bullrider, which reads: “Physics says that the bumble bee should not be able to fly. The bee ignores this information and goes on to fly and achieve.”

Vishal Kole

Vishal Kole, CTO, began with a degree in Computer Science from the Engineering Institute of Ichalkaranji, and an MSc in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. His research work focused on cloud-based collaborative robotics and mapping as well as research in increasing efficiency in implementation of advanced algorithms. He worked as a software developer and consultant before leading the development and launch of SRT’s M1 Hardware Portal. While continuing to serve as SRT’s Software Architect, Vishal is able to drive his passion, of bringing the exciting parts of Kubernetes and other machine learning algorithms from behind the scenes to make them accessible to the end user. Vishal’s passion for engineering was evident from his early age when fixing dysfunctional items used to be his most favorite pastime. Lately, his love and excitement for algorithms grows exponentially with every challenge he undertakes.

Jessica Bryan

Jessica is a Utah native and a client implementation expert. Jessica has led high performing teams and client projects at companies of every size from startups to Fortune 50. Specializing in complex deployments with seven-figure budgets, Jessica leads SRT’s business development and sales initiatives for both the public and private sector. With an eye towards architecting solutions that solve clients’ key problems, Jessica and her team make sure SRT’s clients maximize their investment with a focus on smooth deployment, ongoing support, and metric-based measures of success.

Daniel Hull

Dan is a back-end software developer with a focus in software integration, testing, and hardware API development. He is lead developer on SRT’s API integration and focuses on bringing data from robots and IoT devices into the M1 Hardware Portal.

Khedija Khiyar

Khedjia has spent most of her career as an executive assistant, operations manager, and bookkeeper for small businesses in the Washington DC area. Here at SRT, Khedija offers a much needed balance to the otherwise deeply technical development team. She manages our books and day-to-day financial operations, does all aspects of research to ensure we’re well positioned in the market, and helps us make sure we can keep the lights on every month!

Laura Binz

Laura is a public relations specialist with an MPS from Georgetown University. Before joining SRT, she worked as a public information officer for a local law enforcement agency. At SRT, she leads our marketing and communications activities, including newsletters, website content, print, and graphics.

Dr. Jens Fritzenwanker

Jens is an Assistant Research Professor at Georgetown University. He is used to working with large data sets, has expertise when it comes to IoT devices, and has a keen understanding of the interactions between complex systems. These all make Jens a great fit for leading SRT's Hardware Partnership program.