SRT Labs has, from its inception, made Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) an integral component of our business practices. To ensure that our organization meets its ethical obligations, SRT Labs conducts an Annual Demographic Survey to evaluate the efficacy and impacts of our organizational policies. 

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Cultural Inclusion

Geographic Origination: SRT Labs team members have origins in five geographies with twenty-six percent of the team being descended from populations in India, Southwestern Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Faith and Materialism:There are five major clusters of religion, materialism, or philosophies across the SRT Labs team.

Language: Twenty-two percent of staff were raised in households in which English was not the primary language.

Latin American or Hispanic Origin: Nine percent of our team members are descended, related, or originate in Latin American.

A Place for Families

SRT Labs strives to be the best workplace for all its team members—including their dependents. We pride ourselves on a culture of radical empathy, flexible scheduling, and awareness of the needs of working caretakers.

Dependent Care

Sixty-one percent of staff care for dependents.

Inclusion of Hidden Identities


Nearly half of staff self identify as having a disability.


Twenty-two percent of staff identifies as being a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Members of Staff identify as gender non-conforming at a rate above the national average

Within SRT Labs Executive Leadership, 3 of 6 identify with female pronouns.
Moreover, approximately 40% of SRT Labs staff identify using the same.

Diversity of Experience

Staff Education ranges from high school diplomas to PhDs. 

Experience ranges from 1-40 years, with the majority of staff having 10-22 years experience in their field. 

Four percent of staff are US military veterans.