SRT Labs creates an ecosystem of data from water meters and sensors from different manufacturers to monitor, analyze, and automate water management activities.

Smart meters outperform analog gauge-based meters which both lose calibration, and require manual reading and data entry.

Residents and business owners need access to easily understood tracking and controls to support their ability to monitor and decrease usage.

Municipalities can purchase meters from different companies, but mixing/matching causes difficulty for software, calibration, installation, data comparisons and management. 

SRT Labs can help you future-proof your infrastructure for growth and development. We provide you with a seamless, integrated, modular solution from the moment of deployment. The provided map-based dashboards provide access to real-time status updates.

For Administrators or Residents

Map-based displays and flexible outputs provide alerts and reporting for all levels of users.

Intelligent Analytics

A common data ecosystem gives deep-data insights and proactive solutions across systems.

Hardware Agnostic

Our M1 platform is proven and de-risked because it sources existing, commercially-available hardware.

Water Mangement Solutions

What does your city need to achieve its water conservation goals?

"Smartify" Existing Meters

Snap a smart reader to an existing meter to send data to our secure, cloud-based system, without having to replace your existing infrastructure. This low-lift upgrade will reduce labor on installation and remove the need for staff time spent on meter reading. Moving your data securely to the cloud allows for real-time analytics, alerting or automation.

Secondary Water Metering

Installation of new smart meters at previously unmetered water lines often leads to a reduction in water usage. Wired or wireless smart meters developed for standard pipe sizes and outdoor environments install the same way as traditional meters, but data sent securely to the cloud means information, alerts, and shut-offs can be evaluated in real time.


Installation of flow readers for specialty uses let you understand and manage water use beyond the main meter. Wired or wireless meters developed for standard pipe sizes for indoor and outdoor environments are significantly lower cost than main meters, and provide precision metering to understand downstream usage: i.e, landscaping zones, agricultural parcels, snow making machines, or even rooms of a building.

Leak Detection & Shutoff

Get alerts or automate shut-offs before water damage or water waste becomes costly. Meter installation may include placement of sensors where water could pool or along pipes and pump rooms, informing the need to automate shutoff valves. Smart hardware works with a gateway router on wireless networks, and can include water rope sensors, standing water detection pucks, ground moisture sensors, and pipe shutoff valves.

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These companies represent just a subset of the connected devices continuously being brought into our ever-growing ecosystem.

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