SRT Labs creates an ecosystem of data from water meters and sensors from different manufacturers to monitor, analyze, and automate water management activities.

A well-designed water management program can manage itself using the tools available on the market today, yet most municipalities are not yet outfitted with the critical insights required to make informed decisions.

Establish a central ecosystem for all of your municipal water system needs when you leverage the M1 by SRT Labs.

Outfit existing culinary, secondary, and irrigation water systems with the alerts, reporting, and automations that matter now, and unlock a framework that can be leveraged for generations.

SRT Labs can help you future-proof your infrastructure for growth and development. We provide you with a seamless, integrated, modular solution from the moment of deployment. The provided map-based dashboards provide access to real-time status updates.

Water In Versus Water Out Comparisons

Create a sustainable water program with advanced water accounting and need-based irrigation.

Leak Alerts

Prevent costly damage by taking immediate action on maintenance issues, such as water leaks.

Abnormal Usage Warnings

Get real-time insight to water usage, notifying personnel when overages or out-of-hours usage occurs.

Periodic Reports

Streamline State-required reporting to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

Great News for Utah Municipalities!

The State of Utah has awarded SRT Labs procurement contract AS23-73, allowing us to provide secondary water meters and software directly to any municipality.

Our technology automates the management and control of water system infrastructure, bringing together water meters, remote disconnect valves, leak detection technologies, machinery monitoring, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices into a central system.

Our Water Solutions

Smart Water Metering

Notify key personnel for inconsistencies in water accounting by tracking and comparing water purchased, sold, and treated.

Intelligent Irrigation

Run irrigation systems based on real-time soil moisture and local weather.

Leak Detection & Shutoff

Detect water leaks and pressure drops across the entire piped infrastructure.

Machine Monitoring

Track unexpected vibration and current spikes in critical pumping systems.

Hydrant Alerts

Monitor fire hydrants for maintenance concerns or unauthorized tampering.

"Smartify" Existing Meters

Snap a smart reader to an existing meter to send data to our secure, cloud-based system, without having to replace your existing infrastructure.

An Expanding Ecosystem

Hardware Partners
Smart IoT Sensors
Building Automation Systems
7 +
Water Management Partners
  • Mueller
  • ArcGIS

These companies represent just a subset of the connected devices continuously being brought into our ever-growing ecosystem.

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