SRT Labs creates an ecosystem for hardware and software deployments allowing for unified control over your systems.

Space Usage Audits

For buildings on academic campuses or commercial parks, SRT Labs can perform a holistic assessment of the usage of your space, to inform energy-saving optimizations of climate control.

System Audits

For cities and towns, we assess software system infrastructure for optimizing current capital investments while planning for the future, and a cost assessment for centralizing in SRT’s M1 Platform.

Machine Monitoring

System monitoring via existing infrastructure and IoT devices provide the data needed for tracking machine runtime and proactive condition-based maintenance.

Asset Management

SRT's map-based software can track assets across your space, whether that is across the floor of a building, or distributed across a large area.  Coming soon!

Our Technology Partners

The companies below represent a subset of the connected devices continuously being brought into our ever-growing ecosystem.

  • ArcGIS
  • Five Elements Robotics
  • Mueller
  • Network Thermostat
  • Zynect Sensors

Who We Work With

Commercial Clients

We have contracts with a range of clients from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

Academic Clients

We work with colleges and universities to support their sustainability goals.

Government Clients

We actively support government contracts in robotics modeling and simulation, industrial control systems management, and more.

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