Technology Partnerships

White labeled solutions for hardware and software providers.


SRT’s hardware- and software-agnostic platform is able to integrate with a wide range of products, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Enterprise Software

Monitor and maintain mission-critical machines, infrastructure, and spaces

User Friendly

Improve facility health and safety while reducing utility consumption

Advanced Features

Track water from source to treatment to identify issues and reduce waste

Robotic Fleet

Maintain and optimize a cross-manufacturer robotic fleet

Streamline Value to Customers

Ready-to-Implement Smart Campus Solutions

Expand Your Sales Opportunities

Include a Menu of Fully Supported Solutions

IoT software sales meeting

Powered by The M1 Platform

At the core of all of our software solutions, the M1 Platform provides a flexible, easy-to-use, and secure foundation.

A Common Data Ecosystem

Bring together hardware and software, across manufacturers and platforms.

Monitor, Analyze, Automate

Visualize facility on a map-based interface that connects software and hardware across systems.

Actionable Intelligence

Real-time status updates and future-ready analytics provide customized action-oriented insights.

intelligent technology ecosystem of data

The M1 Platform Advantage

Our technology partners enjoy these popular features of the M1 Platform.

Intelligent Analytics

Understand integrated systems in a centralized ecosystem and make data-driven decisions. M1 Platform analytic dashboards present the answers you need.

Eliminate Silos

Take full advantage of the variety of software and devices available. Join a common data ecosystem that provides solutions across systems.

Co-robotic Solutions

Automated mobile robots (AMRs), disinfecting and cleaning robots can be controlled through a central dashboard, responsive to any available sensors. 

Patented Map-Based Displays

View buildings as the living operations they are and create automations to match occupant behaviors. See the building performance in relation to real-time usage.

Our Partnership Process

Technical Evaluation

Evaluate documentation for API and/or SDK and review access criteria.


Hardware samples or access to software to check interoperability.


Create a contract and agreement to finalize partnership.


Recommend partners for inclusion in our deployments, to be included field expert.

Industries We Serve

Healthcare & Biotech

Healthcare and biotech campuses are managing their robotic fleets and monitoring critical building systems and utilities.

Local Governments

Cities and towns are improving the efficiency of their operations, uptime of public services, and the safety and livability of their communities.

Higher Education

US colleges and universities are taking action on sustainability and smart campus goals to improve conservation efforts, as well as student safety.

US Government

Maintenance and logistics units are optimizing robotic operations, integrating industrial control systems, and informing maintenance needs.

Hospitality & Facility Services

Commercial cleaning crews are leveraging occupancy and demand-driven cleaning and maintenance, alongside robotic cleaning solutions.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial and mechanical operations are improving uptime of critical machinery and infrastructure, saving time and money.

And More!

Our customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

Our Technology Partners

These are a few of the brands that have been brought into our ever-growing ecosystem. Get in touch for the current list.

  • Mueller
  • Zynect Sensors
  • Five Elements Robotics
  • Network Thermostat
  • ArcGIS

SRT Labs is part of Siemens’s portfolio of smart building solutions, bridging the Siemens Ecosystem to further energy optimization and cross-platform automation for smart buildings. Working alongside the Siemens Desigo logic to maintain comfort settings only when people are utilizing a space, energy is only expended when needed, leading to building-wide savings in energy costs.

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Our resellers are deploying cutting edge IoT solutions and large-scale, smart campus projects around the world. 

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