SRT’s hardware- and software-agnostic platform is able to integrate with a wide range of products, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

The companies below represent only a subset of the connected devices continuously being brought into our ever-growing ecosystem.

  • Mueller
  • Zynect Sensors
  • Five Elements Robotics
  • Network Thermostat
  • ArcGIS

Our Partnership Process

Technical Evaluation

Evaluate documentation for API and/or SDK and review access criteria.


Hardware samples or access to software to check interoperability.


Create a contract and agreement to finalize partnership.


Recommend partners for inclusion in our deployments, to be included field expert.

The SRT Labs Advantage

Intelligent Analytics

Understand integrated systems in a centralized ecosystem and make data-driven decisions. M1 Platform analytic dashboards present the answers you need.

Eliminate Silos

Take full advantage of the variety of software and devices available. Join a common data ecosystem that provides solutions across systems.

Co-robotic Solutions

Automated mobile robots (AMRs), disinfecting and cleaning robots can be controlled through a central dashboard, responsive to any available sensors. 

Patented Map-Based Displays

View buildings as the living operations they are and create automations to match occupant behaviors. See the building performance in relation to real-time usage.

SRT Labs is part of Siemens’s portfolio of smart building solutions, bridging the Siemens Ecosystem to further energy optimization and cross-platform automation for smart buildings. Working alongside the Siemens Desigo logic to maintain comfort settings only when people are utilizing a space, energy is only expended when needed, leading to building-wide savings in energy costs.

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