Bios of what our staff do inside of SRT Labs, and outside.

Gregory Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Gregory Scott, CEO, began with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and an MSc in Space Architecture from the University of Houston. He worked at Mission Control, launching the space shuttle for NASA at the Johnson Space Center, before heading to the University of Surrey where he completed his Ph.D. in Space Robotics, with a focus in planetary locomotion systems for exploration robots. He then worked for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, where he acquired and managed over $10 million in robotics R&D programs for NASA, DARPA, and the Navy. In 2013 he founded SRT Labs, with the goal of bringing together service robots and commercial IoT devices from different manufacturers into the same ecosystem. While fully committed to building SRT Labs, he has been known to still submit NASA astronaut applications (five to date). If successful, Dr. Scott will continue to promote SRT’s fully remote work environment from Mars.

Karoline Pershell

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Strategy & Evaluation

Dr. Karoline Pershell, COO, earned her BS at the University of Tennessee-Martin (UTM), and her Masters and Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rice University. She taught as a math professor at UTM, at Qingdao University in China, and as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Hyderabad in India. She served with the Department of State as Evaluation Coordinator, and then as Executive Director of the Association for Women in Mathematics. At SRT Labs she specializes in listening to client needs to align business intelligence and improve their workflow. In a career distinguished with awards, she insists that her most meaningful accolade is the Bumble Bee Award, given when she was on UTM’s rodeo team as the first full-time, female collegiate bullrider, which reads: “Physics says that the bumble bee should not be able to fly. The bee ignores this information and goes on to fly, work, and achieve.”

Ralf Meisenzahl

Chief Financial Officer

Ralf is a research economist with a PhD from Northwestern University. He focuses on empirical research on corporate loans, bank lending and firm investment using large datasets. This focus makes Ralf a great fit to maintain the best interests of SRT as we analyze investor opportunities, while also ensuring our financial projections and targets are both realistic and attainable. With the precision of his prognostications, we’re convinced that he may be prescient.

Lauren Jerome

Vice President of Product

Lauren Jerome, Vice President of Product, is a creative problem solver, providing the fertile ground to develop SRT’s technology, and to ensure its successful adoption and continuity in our market. A graduate of the University of Toledo, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, summa cum laude, a skillset which she still applies to identify defects and opportunities in our deployment. Across her career she has served as Director of Engineering, Software Production, and Product Management, demonstrating her understanding of the totality of the business process and product lifecycle. As a transformative leader, she has co-organized events to foster small business, and co-founded Redefining Women in Tech, a program devoted towards supporting the needs of women in tech fields.

Vishal Kole

Senior Software Architect

Vishal Kole is SRT’s Senior Software Architect. He began with a degree in Computer Science from the Engineering Institute of Ichalkaranji, and an MSc in Computer Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. His research work focused on cloud-based collaborative robotics and mapping as well as research in increasing efficiency in implementation of advanced algorithms. He worked as a software developer and consultant before leading the development and launch of SRT’s M1 Platform. Vishal is able to drive his passion, of bringing the exciting parts of Kubernetes and other machine learning algorithms from behind the scenes to make them accessible to the end user. Vishal’s passion for engineering was evident from his early age when fixing dysfunctional items used to be his most favorite pastime.

Khedija Khiyar


Khedjia Khiyar, Controller, has spent most of her career at the overlap of human resources and finances, serving as an operations manager and bookkeeper for businesses in the Washington, D.C. area, with a previous focus on managing sales teams. At SRT, Khedija manages the day-to-day financial operations, interfacing with clients for purchasing and billing, and oversees the financial support of team members in their work. At SRT Labs, we are building policies and procedures in the same way we are building new technology—adopting, adapting, questioning and improving inherited systems—and our financial policies undergo the same creative scrutiny. Khedija’s work to foundationally build and test how SRT Labs does business is responsive to our growing business. Khedija is a mother to three amazing girls. She is also a passionate gardener and enjoys doing her part to help native wildlife thrive.

Elliot Barnett

Business Development Manager

Elliot Barnett comes to SRT Labs as our Business Development Manager. Elliot’s comprehensive understanding of business ecology stems from both his experience in the private market and academia. Prior to working with SRT Labs, he worked as both project manager and director of operations, administering to million-dollar ventures, leadership of teams, efficiency improvements, and strategic business planning. He received his Master of Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020. At SRT Labs, Elliot manages the full pipeline of client assessment with a targeted research approach, resisting the mass email campaigns. He currently holds title to having the illest tattoos at SRT, an undeniable advantage in amping our street cred alongside his smackdown memes.

Don Becker

Software Design Engineer and Tester

Don Becker is a bass player turned Software Developer with much of his career spent at Microsoft when he determined that his music gig wasn’t paying the bills. His background is in QA, using Java, C#, C++, PowerShell, and other languages to test the robustness of final software products before they go out the door. His work history includes developing back end and front end tests and tools for Microsoft Windows Phone and Double Down Casino. When not working, Don can be found spending time with his baby daughter, walking his chocolate lab, woodworking in his wood shop, riding his bicycle, or playing Xbox. As his daughter decides to pick up music, he might even need to introduce her to the bass guitar.

Aaron Benson de Oliveira

Team Member Services Manager

Aaron Benson de Oliveira is a Human Resources Generalist with an academic background in philosophy, political economy, and computer science. He has a deep interest in the field of high tech and a love of the sciences generally, always looking at the ways technology is employed to improve the lives of people. Across his HR career, Aaron has built tools and resources geared towards the automation of multiple HR functions and the analysis of HR metrics. Aaron is tasked with ensuring that SRT Labs is prepared for an expansive future, constructing inclusive policies to make SRT’s business culture as cutting edge as our technology. He otherwise attempts to herd his cats and, true to his nerdy roots, watches a bunch of Star Trek reruns.

Voula Collins

Data Scientist

Dr. Voula Collins is a data scientist, developing of our technology to solve complex problems with data insights. Dr. Collins graduated from Wellesley College and later Cornell, with an emphasis in Combinatorics, Representation Theory, and Algebraic geometry. She taught at the University of Connecticut and later as a Preceptor of Mathematics at Harvard University. Her love of mathematics and learning is matched by her love of clear science communication, hence why she was the yearly recipient of awards in support of her students. Outside of work, Voula loves the crafts, is a very discerning foodie, and really digs trash TV time.

Abhishek Dhotre

Robotics Intern

Joining our staff for credentialed studies is our Software and Robotics Intern, Abhishek Dhotre. Brilliant and well qualified, as part of his educational pursuit towards a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia, Abhishek joins the SRT Labs team, applying his rigorous academic history towards practical application in the field. He can be found outside the workplace running around soccer greens, chowing on popcorn at the theatre, acting, or exploring the food scene wherever he visits. Carrying the motto of Cristiano Ronaldo—“we don’t want to tell our dreams, we want to show them”—there’s no doubt that Abhishek is going places.

Jens Fritzenwanker

Solutions Architect

Dr. Fritzenwanker’s academic work is in deciphering complex regulatory networks in the field of molecular and developmental biological sciences, with work published in Nature, PNAS, PlosBiology, and Current Biology. His academic career includes several awards, funding, and fellowships in the United States and the European Union. As SRT’s Solutions Architect, he creates solutions for customer problems utilizing his experience in understanding complex networks, working with large data sets, and in project management. A technophile at heart, his experience in building and testing residential smart home systems with the precision of laboratory science means his device selection for client deployments is based on careful understanding of the device ecosystem. He is always happy to discuss your solution, it just may mean that it is from a beach or snow covered mountain!

Daniel Hull

Device Integration Engineer

Dan Hull is a Software Developer with a background in Python, C++, JavaScript and other object oriented languages. His work includes device software integrations, end-to-end conversions, data storage administration and retrieval, automation, website management, and robotic communications. An adaptive programmer, Dan ensures the seamless interoperability of devices connected to the M1 Platform. Dan also helps manage and organize a competitive gaming group for working adults, and self-studies Japanese and the piano.

Sam Kome

Technology Partnerships Manager

Sam Kome is a librarian and technologist with a background in information science and geography. He has employed his skillset to improve library discovery services (think databases and search engines), working with library stakeholders on a variety of IT and building projects. He has worked extensively in the improvement of geographic tracking; for aircraft, automobiles, and people by working with sensors and through indexing large data sets across varied internet service providers. He is essential to SRT in structuring the M1 Hardware Portal’s administration of robotic activity alongside assuring the proper integration of other smart devices. We look forward to his inevitable live action theatre production of the history of body surfing, dry cappuccinos included and pinkies up—so bourgeois.

Tasha Mitchell

Software Developer

Tasha Mitchell is a software developer and graphic designer with a passion for bringing concepts into a visual reality that’s both thought-provoking and interactive. Coming from a strong background in studying and speaking multiple languages (including Spanish and Chinese), she excels at wrapping new disciplines into how she crafts the informational narratives to resonate on varied levels with end users, incorporating the cognitive psychology of effective design. Her background in graphic design and linguistics underscores her ability to produce quality code and to create intuitive user experience frameworks with ease. When not occupied by coding, she delves into literary pursuits, such as screenwriting—”They were the best of cobots, they were the worst of cobots…”

Michelle Snider

Senior Data Analyst

Dr. Michelle Snider, Senior Data Analyst, graduated in physics and math from Smith College, completing her Ph.D. at Cornell, and went on to work in federally funded research for about a decade, developing technical solutions in R&D. She has held leadership positions within organizations working to improve the accessibility of the STEM fields, holding an Executive Committee position at the Association for Women in Mathematics, facilitated workshops, and attended numerous conferences associated with this social goal. A consummate handywoman, Michelle’s applied knowledge of building systems supports her Solutions Team work at SRT Labs, and her deep love of baking makes all of us disappointed that we are a remote team without a break room.

JeFF Stumpo

Content Writer

Dr. JeFF Stumpo received his Ph.D. in English from Texas A&M University with a focus on poetry, and taught in higher ed for about ten years. Dr. Stumpo is focused on clean communication and supports SRT’s content writing. He has published a handful of scholarly articles and small collections of poetry. Meaningfully, he has designed, developed and delivered educational activities to raise awareness of how one moves through the world adopted by a variety of colleagues and are continuing to be used. He has also owned an independent bookstore, refereed soccer, officiated weddings, handled outreach for a library, and been an apologetic telemarketer. His primary goal in life remains, as always, to elevate those around him.

Bennett Summers

Software Engineer

Ben Summers is a Software Developer with a background in C++, Python, and Java. He earned a degree in Computer Science and English from St. Vincent College, and a Masters in Computer Science from William and Mary. He worked as an aerospace flight software developer for the Naval Research Laboratory. While Greg was building SRT Labs, Ben would volunteer for weekend software sprints, working on Karoline and Greg's kitchen table and herding robots around their D.C. home. Ben uses his experience honing flight build processes, maintaining databases, and developing systems for robots to make sure the M1 is working behind the scenes. When not working, Ben can be found at yet ANOTHER Phish show or live music show, working on custom keyboards, and rock climbing around the NoVA area.

Julian Webb

Software Engineer

Julian Webb is a software developer currently working on SRT’s back-end services. He comes with experience in computer science in data administration and visualization. A renaissance man, he graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies from Iowa State University, worked as a welder, and worked to support disabled adults. Personal projects in computer science inform his hardware/software integration interests—from the building of a Mandelbrot Explorer Coffee table and even a singing dishwasher. When unoccupied with code, he enjoys homemade pizza, growing hydroponic basil and tomatoes, and biking around his midwestern home. He even engages in wild mushroom foraging. Ask him about his morchellaceae morchella pie!

Emily Wicks

Marketing Coordinator

Emily Wicks, Marketing Coordinator, acts as key support to our business strategy. Having graduated magna cum laude from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Fine Arts and with experience as a program coordinator for art galleries, her eye for inserting aesthetics within business opportunities supports growing SRT’s voice and persona. As the current co-owner of the Richmond, VA ceramics studio, Hand / Thrown, Emily understands how to be all-in to get the job done. At SRT Labs, Emily works in content creation, event management, communication, social media, and creative software suites. We have been warned not to meet her in a bake-off, as she’ll out-pastry you in a flash.

Austin Wiggins

Robotics DevOps Engineer

Austin Wiggins is SRT Labs’ Robotics DevOps Engineer, working to perfect SRT Labs interoperative technology for service robots. He has worked across mathematics, research, medical informatics, and robotics. Passionate about the power of automation, he creates code that ensures the highest level of efficiency. Austin occupies himself outside of work researching automation techniques in manufacturing, agriculture, software, and other fields. An enthusiastic woodworker—having built his own kiln controller and dehumidifier for wood drying—Austin enjoys the great outdoors paddle boarding or kayaking, and has fun with his 3 year old building legos.

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