SRT Labs designs customized solutions ranging from analyzing existing systems to creating new unified data ecosystems.

Smart Water Metering

Create an ecosystem of data from water meters and sensors from different manufacturers to monitor, analyze, and automate water management activities.

Smart Cities

Connecting your existing systems and new technology into a single ecosystem provides smart city intelligence at a new level.

HVAC Integration

Tying climate control systems to occupancy, indirectly via room reservations or directly via sensors, can generate energy savings.

Smart Warehouses

SRT's map-based software is used to visualize your space, whether that is across the floor of a building or distributed across a geographic area.  Coming soon!

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services in converting your hardware to smart devices, robotics development and prototyping, smart building ecosystem integration, and addressing your facility concerns with the most applicable technology.

SRT Labs’ consultative approach evaluates and recommends solutions that maximize existing infrastructure, building to deliver on just what our customers need to know, and delivered on a software foundation that allows for rapid modular growth as projects expand and shift.

Anticipated ROI

Financial, environmental, and societal.

Intended Impact

On all stakeholders.

Deep Analysis

Of existing systems and processes.

Who We Work With

Commercial Clients

We have contracts with a range of clients from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

Academic Clients

We work with colleges and universities to support their sustainability goals.

Government Clients

We actively support government contracts in robotics modeling and simulation, industrial control systems management, and more.

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