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About Us

The service industry is massive, but it hasn’t reaped the full benefits of our connected world. Commercial IoT systems can control lighting, monitor and regulate heating, alert us to unexpected water use, or even deploy robots, but incompatible software makes it impossible for devices to share data or even work together. SRT is changing that.

See Your Building

Map-based displays allow you to know exactly where problems arise. You can view information based on a single room or a full wing of your buildings, so there’s no confusion on where to go or what needs to be done when you get there.

Data You Need

Get the data you need right on the dashboard. Not only are you seeing how individual devices are performing, but you also get insights as to how readings from one device directly impact the actions and readings of other devices in the ecosystem.

Control The Situation

One portal to control and monitor everything going on in your building. No need for different apps for different devices or different information, you can get everything you need all in one place.

Reduces Your Stress

SRT’s M1 Hardware Portal helps you reduce the day-to-day stresses of your job. As we know, custodial services and building operations don’t add to the bottom line of your company, but are under ever-growing scrutiny to improve services under shrinking budgets. We can show your management how you’re saving inventory, improving quality of service, reducing wasted staff time, and providing a better work environment.

Provides Actionable Insights

Our software is built to give you information before you know you need it. We help you be prepared for issues before they become problems. You’ll know when an area needs to be cleaned due to excessive traffic flow. You’ll know when your dispensers are expected to run out. You’ll be able to plan better and be surprised less often.


Smart Building Management

Whether you have a traditional BAS, a variety of IoT devices, a collection of floor cleaning robots, or even just a single connected device with plans to expand more in the future, SRT’s M1 Hardware Portal can provide a simple interface to manage all of your building’s data.

Facility Mapping

With our Mapping Robot, we provide facility mapping services that give you precise building maps, provide imagery to show where you have environmental or facility concerns, and provide details on how your facility changes over time.

Robot Fleet Management

Control a diverse fleet of robots with our Robotics Module. You can create cleaning plans, delivery schedules, concierge services, or more for whatever combination of robots you have in your facility.

Automated Scheduling

Our Automated Scheduling Tool can use data collected from across your building to optimize device maintenance scheduling and prioritizing what needs to get done first.

Government Contracting

We actively support government contracts in robotics modeling and simulation, industrial control systems management, and more.

Why choose us?

The following case studies are reflective of discussions we’ve had with managers and directors who have considered and/or deployed smart devices into their buildings. Take a look at the case study that best fits your situation and we’ll give you some examples of how our smart building ecosystem would help reduce stress, save money, and improve service.

Operations Director

Maria is the Operations Director for a school district with 15 buildings. With state funding getting tighter and tighter, Maria has to find ways to make...

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Custodial Manager

Dave is a custodial manager in a multi-facility office complex. He is frustrated that his staff spends a lot of time cleaning areas that aren’t used that day, while he’s also unaware...

Read more

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Our Hardware Partners

The companies below represent a portion of the connected devices being brought into our ever-growing ecosystem. If you’re interested in being part of SRT’s M1 ecosystem, please get in touch!

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