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The service industry is massive, but it hasn’t reaped the full benefits of our connected world. Commercial IoT systems can control lighting, monitor and regulate heating, alert us to unexpected water use, or even deploy robots, but incompatible software makes it impossible for devices to share data or even work together. SRT is changing that.

Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure

SRT Labs brings essential legacy infrastructure into a unified data ecosystem. This single pane of glass dashboard means information from one system can automate actions in another.

Data You Need

Real-time building health status allows for future-ready analytics, identifying and prioritizing areas for repair and predicting future failures. SRT Labs increases infrastructure readiness so that facility leaders can rely on effective and efficient systems.

Monitor, Analyze, Automate

Our integration framework, the M1 Platform, brings together collaborative robotics and smart sensors with existing software and hardware to monitor, analyze and automate systems.

Who do we impact?

Smart buildings, smart campuses, and smart cities 

Facility Manager

Facility managers for multi-tenant, multi-story office buildings: use map based dashboard to track water leaks, consumables used, and windows and doors left open.

Operations Director

Operations Directors for multi-building school or higher ed campuses: smart energy, lights and HVAC means automated logic can reduce consumption. Automate the monitoring of key systems to reduce risk.

Custodial Manager

Custodial managers for multi-facility office complexes: occupancy and traffic flow monitoring throughout means staff do not need to clean the areas where no one has been that day, and can focus efforts where needed.

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