Our mission and values.

Our Mission

SRT Labs recognizes the inherent value in a diversity of technologies, backgrounds, and approaches, and strives to connect these things through both code (our business) and ethical practices (how we do business). We bring together robotics and smart technologies that may not have been designed to communicate with each other as well as people from a variety of walks of life. From warehouses to classrooms and beyond, SRT Labs implements solutions that let companies reach higher potentials, and we pride ourselves on helping our employees reach their full potential as well.

Our Values


SRT’s leadership is committed to creating an environment where each person’s contributions have a pathway forward and their work feels meaningful and appreciated. Our company is also a community.


SRT Labs is explicitly anti-racist and inclusive, recognizing the role different perspectives play in strengthening a community.


SRT Labs believes that integrity and transparency within our community translates to actionable and accountable conduct with our clients and with the broader world.

Fiscal Responsibility

SRT’s business model is not just to grow, but to integrate itself responsibly into a variety of markets while maintaining the aforementioned values.