Reports and case studies from SRT’s cutting-edge projects.

Commercial Space Usage Audit

A Case Study of a Mid-Scale Commercial Office Building assessing space usage across a 6-building with capacity 2000, using 31 occupancy sensors and a 30-day data collection.

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Academic Space Usage Audit

University Campus Space Usage Audit: Case Study Overview assessing space usage in one building of an east coast university, using semester schedules for reservable rooms and occupancy sensors for drop-in rooms, and identifying energy savings achievable by aligning the climate control schedule to better match usage.

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Energy Savings from Aligning HVAC to Room Reservations

University Campus Case Study Overview of a data collection experiment to determine the scale of energy savings possible if HVAC is aligned with room reservations for one floor of a mixed-use university building. 

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Academic Schedule Review for Energy Savings Potential

University Campus Space Audit: Case Study Overview reviewing the class schedule for a semester compared to the University’s HVAC policy for individual buildings under consideration, in order to evaluate the potential for energy savings by identifying time windows where spaces are set to comfort settings, despite the fact that spaces are not occupied.

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Optimizing MERV-13 Filter Exchanges in an Academic Building

A Case Study investigating how facilities can leverage power and differential pressure data in existing air handling unit systems to best use the highest quality filters while maintaining their systems and minimizing energy expenditure.

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