Connecting your existing systems and new technology into a single ecosystem provides smart city intelligence at a new level.

Smart cities layer existing physical infrastructure with data and analytics, which are then communicated with residents, to improve both system efficiency, and citizen experiences. SRT Labs’ M1 Platform works as the technical base for the ecosystem of technological pieces associated with smart cities: smart sensors, legacy software, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and robotics.

Combining data from these siloed systems into cross-system analytics allow you to leverage data for a bigger-picture understanding of your city.

We provide you with a seamless, integrated, modular solution from the moment of deployment. Our patented map-based dashboards provide access to real-time status updates.

Integrate Existing Systems

The M1 Platform provides a single pane-of-glass view of previously siloed systems.

Gain Valuable Insights

Combining data across multiple platforms into one cohesive ecosystems allows for better insights.

Communicate with Residents

Sharing energy savings and efficiencies with those in the community helps them stay connected.

Bridging the Digital-Physical Divide

Once the M1 Platform is deployed, you can layer in more hardware and software, allowing you to centralize, monitor, and analyze data from systems across your city.

Air Quality

Track metrics including CO₂, particulate matter, and humidity for health and safety.

Smart Water Monitoring

Integrate smart meters with your existing software for metering, billing, sewage, gray water, and facilities plant pumps.

Outdoor Lighting

Monitor and control settings, with the ability to automatically align lighting with scheduled events.

Transit Systems

Track vehicles on the map-based dashboard, and analyze usage over time and space.

Asset Management

Track large assets across your city as they do their jobs, or small assets within city facilities and storage.

Work Order Management

Automate the creation of work order tickets based on sensor readings to optimize personnel time.

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How Do I Get Started?

Get familiar with your city’s data analysis priorities.

A Systems Audit will provide recommendations for integrating siloed systems, prioritizing systems by ease of integrability and quality of data insights. Learn more about our Systems Audit.

Identify your local smart city advocates & stakeholders.

We guide your teams to reach a set of agreed upon goals and focused, measurable initiatives that can be effectively communicated with the residents of your city.

Determine your most likely avenues for funding smart campus initiatives.

We guide discussions to align funding opportunities, ongoing projects, urgent needs, and resident interests with projects that provide savings and improve quality of life.

Get in touch for a free class schedule review.

SRT Labs can provide resources for understanding the opportunity and layering in a value criteria for selecting and prioritizing smart city projects. 

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