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Condition Monitoring

Monitor and maintain mission-critical machines, infrastructure, and spaces

Intelligent Building

Improve building occupant experience while reducing utility consumption.

Water Management

Track water from source to treatment to identify issues and reduce waste

Robotic Fleet

Improve building occupant experience while reducing the carbon footprint.

Smart City

Improve the experience city residents and visitors have in outdoor spaces.

Asset Management

Align inventory and available storage to inform warehousing needs. Coming soon!

Our Technology Partners

The companies below represent a subset of the connected devices continuously being brought into our ever-growing ecosystem.

  • ArcGIS
  • Five Elements Robotics
  • Mueller
  • Network Thermostat
  • Zynect Sensors

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We Work With

Cities & Towns

Local governments that want to improve the safety, efficiency, and overall livability of their community, to create a better resident experience.

Hospitals & Biotech

Healthcare and biotech campuses managing their growing robotic fleet and monitoring critical building systems and utilities.

Higher Education

US colleges and universities taking action on sustainability and smart campus goals to improve conservation efforts, as well as student safety.

US Government

Maintenance and logistics units with applications that connect robotics, industrial control systems, machine monitoring, and more.

Hospitality & Facility Services

Commercial cleaning crews leveraging occupancy and need-driven cleaning and maintenance technologies, alongside robotic cleaning solutions.

Commercial Real Estate

Building owners and managers who want to detect problems instantaneously and respond automatically, to maintain a solid investment.

And More!

Our customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

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