Water Management

Real-time Water Accountability

Powerful tools for water supply and treatment programs to save time and maintain regulatory compliance.

Best-in-Class Solutions for Water Programs

Simplify flow monitoring and water accounting

Address water loss immediately with alerts and automations.

Maintain regulatory compliance for usage and treatment restrictions

Diagnose problems faster with event history and analytics.

Support water programs of all stages and sizes.

Compatible with most modern and legacy, analog equipment.

Powered by The M1 Platform

At the core of all of our software solutions, the M1 Platform provides a flexible, easy-to-use, and secure foundation.

A Common Data Ecosystem

Bring together hardware and software, across manufacturers and platforms.

Monitor, Analyze, Automate

Visualize facility on a map-based interface that connects software and hardware across systems.

Actionable Intelligence

Real-time status updates and future-ready analytics provide customized action-oriented insights.

intelligent technology ecosystem of data

Practical Use Cases with Big Savings

Our solutions are ideal for commercial, industrial, and government applications.

water management through water metering

Urban and Rural Water Utility Metering

Track usage for traditional or share-based water utilities.

water management through Salinity and Turbidity Mitigation

Salinity and Turbidity Mitigation

Monitor safety and regulatory concerns to inform treatment.

water management through fire supression and infrastructure maintenance

Fire Suppression Infrastructure Maintenance

Ensure that hydrants and sprinklers are ready for use.

Getting Started with Water Management

Identify Priorities

Get a count of critical water lines and infrastructure and rank concerns.

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Approve a Plan

Decide on a solution, and we’ll start setting it up for you.

Configure the Solution

We’ll work with your team to provide support for any required hardware installation, ensure all software is configured, and train your team on how to get the most out of your water management solution.

M1 Water Management Solutions​

A proactive approach to maintaining critical equipment and environments.

Machine Health

Inform maintenance for heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment, and HVAC systems

Machine Usage

Monitor equipment runtime and usage trends to inform maintenance and improve OEE

Pump Well Health

Optimize maintenance processes on locally and federally operated pump wells

M1 Water Management Solutions

A proactive approach to maintaining critical equipment and environments.

Water Accounting

Track water from source to treatment to simplify metering efforts, identify water loss, and inform utility pricing.

Monitor and Analyze

Water Usage by Lot or Water Main

Flow Rate Trends and Anomalies

Peak Usage Trends and Shut Off State

Water Loss and Suspected Breaks

Process Failures & SCADA Alarms

Stormwater Runoff And More

Water Quality

Ensure water quality standards are met for public safety and regulatory compliance.

Monitor and Analyze

Chemical Concentrations

Salinity Concentrations

Bacteria and Virus Pollutant Levels

Levels of Turbidity and Total Solids (TDS/TSS)

Temperature and pH

Electrical Conductivity And More

Hydrant Health

Protect the integrity of your fire suppression systems across any campus or city.

Monitor and Analyze

System Access and Usage

Water Pressure Inconsistencies

Unexpected Flow Events

Line Leaks and Bursts

Temperature and Humidity

And More

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