Condition Monitoring

Protect Essential Machines and Infrastructure

Monitor the physical and virtual assets that have the biggest impact on your company’s success, including offline machines and systems.

Best-in-Class Condition Monitoring Solutions

Reduce operational downtime and improve productivity.

Inform predictive maintenance with alerts, reports, and automations.

Integrate legacy, offline equipment alongside the modern fleet.

Diagnose problems faster with event history and analytics.

Support maintenance teams of all stages and sizes.

Compatible with most modern hardware and software providers.

Powered by The M1 Platform

At the core of all of our software solutions, the M1 Platform provides a flexible, easy-to-use, and secure foundation.

A Common Data Ecosystem

Bring together hardware and software, across manufacturers and platforms.

Monitor, Analyze, Automate

Visualize facility on a map-based interface that connects software and hardware across systems.

Actionable Intelligence

Real-time status updates and future-ready analytics provide customized action-oriented insights.

Practical Use Cases with Big Savings

Our solutions are ideal for commercial, industrial, and government applications.

Essential Infrastructure Monitoring

Ensure that essential equipment is effectively up and running.

Machinist setting a lathe

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

Improve machine uptime and inform maintenance efforts.

Air Filter

Change filters when they are dirty, saving effort and filters.

Getting Started with Condition Monitoring

Identify Priorities

Get a count of critical machines and infrastructure, like machines and pump wells, and rank downtime concerns.

Get a Quote

Get in touch with your priorities, and we’ll email you a quote with available options. 

Approve a Plan

Decide on a solution, and we’ll start setting it up for you.

Configure the Solution

We’ll work with your team to provide support for any required hardware installation, ensure all software is configured, and train your team on how to get the most out of your condition monitoring solution.

M1 Condition Monitoring Solutions

A proactive approach to maintaining critical equipment and environments.

Machine Health

Inform maintenance for heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment, and HVAC systems

Machine Usage

Monitor equipment runtime and usage trends to inform maintenance and improve OEE

Pump Well Health

Optimize maintenance processes on locally and federally operated pump wells

M1 Condition Monitoring Solutions

A proactive approach to maintaining critical equipment and environments.

Machine Health

Reduce operational downtime for heavy machinery, manufacturing equipment, and HVAC systems.

Monitor and Analyze

Motor Vibration Irregularities

Power Supply Surges and Drops

Electrical Current Draw Inconsistencies

Temperature and Humidity

Software Service Errors

Air Flow And More

Machine Usage

Monitor equipment runtime and usage trends to inform maintenance and improve OEE.

Monitor and Analyze

Active Machine State

Machine Runtime

Time Machine Spent Idling

Time Machine Spent Unused

Electrical Current Draw Inconsistencies

Cross-Fleet Usage Trends And More

Pump Station Health

Optimize maintenance processes on locally and federally operated pump wells.

Monitor and Analyze

Pump Vibration Irregularities

Gate Open/Closed Status

Depth of Water

Gate Height

Temperature and Humidity

And More


Updating legacy equipment with IoT sensors can enable predictive analytics and proactive maintenance planning.

Adding sensors on to existing equipment to track vibration, voltage, and current provide both real-time long-term machine health monitoring. The collected data can be used to provide alerts to technicians to check up on machines before they break down and better plan predictive maintenance.

Manager-level analytics can help reduce machine downtime by displaying historic trends, identifying machine under-utilization, and tracking hours of use.

We provide you with a seamless, integrated, modular solution from the moment of deployment. The provided map-based dashboards provide access to real-time status updates across your shop.

Modernize Legacy Machines

Retrofitting older systems that would not have initially had monitoring allows you to track metrics of interest.

Gain Valuable Insights

Combining data across multiple platforms into one cohesive ecosystems allows for better insights.

Centralized Reporting

With a comprehensive view of your systems, you can better understand usage and proactively plan for maintenance across your shop.

Machine Health Capabilities


Monitor peak frequency, displacement, velocity, and acceleration, on motors.


Identifying current spikes and increased current usage on the grid or within equipment.


Tracking voltage across your system.

Air Quality

Track metrics including CO₂, particulate matter, and humidity for health and safety.

Air Flow

Differential pressure across air filters can indicate when filters need to be changed. 

Work Order Management

Automate the creation of work order tickets based on sensor readings to optimize personnel time.

What kinds of metrics can I get?

Machine Hours Metering.

Using current meters, our analytics dashboard can provide summary information on idle time versus run time to help you plan for maintenance proactively.

Motor Vibration Statistical Analysis.

Tracking the vibration of a motor over time can give early indicators of potential problems, so you can identify malfunctions before they become critical.

Air Filter Replacement Optimization

Recording the differential air pressure across air filters over time can keep you from changing them too early, reducing waste, or too late when they are straining your fan motors.

Customized Alerts on Current Spikes.

Our analytics dashboards can distinguish between motor start-up spikes and mid-use current spikes, flagging the latter for proactive investigation before your systems get damaged. 

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