Our approach

Monitor | Analyze | Automate

SRT Labs creates an ecosystem for hardware and software deployments on your campus. From building automation systems (BAS) to automated warehouse technology and asset tracking, to environmental monitoring and building security, SRT Labs provides concise insights for decision makers, allowing you an unparalleled level of unified control over your systems.

Smart Building Management

Whether you have a traditional BAS, a variety of IoT devices, a collection of floor cleaning robots, or even just a single connected device with plans to expand more in the future, SRT’s M1 Platform can provide a simple interface to manage all of your building’s data.


We offer consulting services in converting your hardware to smart devices, robotics development and prototyping, smart building ecosystem integration, and helping you address your facility concerns with the most applicable technology.

Robot Fleet Management

Control a diverse fleet of robots with our Robotics Module. We can monitor and schedule your diverse fleet of robots, from custodial systems to warehouse forklifts and tugs.

Space Usage Audits

We perform Space Usage Audits for campuses to improve space utilization and reduce energy consumption.  A Space Usage Audit will provide analysis on behavioral usage, provide process change recommendations for setting automations, and a cost assessment for implementing automation in SRT’s M1 Platform.

Mapping Campuses and Cities

SRT’s map-based software is used to visualize your space, whether that is across the floor of a building, or distributed across a geographic area. 

Government Contracting

We actively support government contracts in robotics modeling and simulation, industrial control systems management, and more.


Why customers   love us

SRT Labs’ consultative approach evaluates and recommends solutions that maximize existing infrastructure, building to deliver on just what our customers need to know, and delivered on a software foundation that allows for rapid modular growth as projects expand and shift.

Analysis of existing systems and process 
Deep research on anticipated ROI and intended impacts of deployments
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