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System Audit

SRT Labs will assess available software system infrastructure with a lens towards optimizing current capital investments, planning for the future, and a cost assessment for return on investment (ROI).

Space Usage Audit

For buildings on academic campuses or commercial parks, our team will perform a holistic assessment of the usage of your space, to inform energy-saving optimizations of climate control.

Facility Solution Design

Each facility and machine within it has unique health metrics and maintenance needs. Our team of experts will design the ideal solution to maintain uptime and increase productivity for your facility.

Enterprise IoT Consulting

Create the custom enterprise IoT solution that your business needs to thrive. SRT Labs will evaluate available technologies, create a recommended roadmap, and begin taking steps to implement it.

Our Approach

While each of our services provides different outcomes, our overall approach is philosophy-driven.

Align key objectives with the customer's working priorities and goals.

Understand the customer's current process and workflow.

Collect and analyze relevant data, including system inputs and outputs.

Evaluate options against success criteria and return on investment.

Present recommendations and opportunities to achieve key objectives.

We Work With

Cities & Towns

Local governments that want to improve the safety, efficiency, and overall livability of their community, to create a better resident experience.

Hospitals & Biotech

Healthcare and biotech campuses managing their growing robotic fleet and monitoring critical building systems and utilities.

Higher Education

US colleges and universities taking action on sustainability and smart campus goals to improve conservation efforts, as well as student safety.

US Government

Maintenance and logistics units with applications that connect robotics, industrial control systems, machine monitoring, and more.

Hospitality & Facility Services

Commercial cleaning crews leveraging occupancy and need-driven cleaning and maintenance technologies, alongside robotic cleaning solutions.

Commercial Real Estate

Building owners and managers who want to detect problems instantaneously and respond automatically, to maintain a solid investment.

And More!

Our customers range from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses.

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Want to learn more about our solutions?

Our solutions have been designed based on feedback from our customers and our team of statistical analysis, software integration, and IoT (Internet of Things) experts are available to support and streamline your technology goals. Let us help you choose the right products or design a custom Enterprise solution.