The M1 Platform

Your intelligent technology ecosystem.

intelligent technology ecosystem of data

Seamless Smart Facility Solutions

Connect IoT sensors, smart meters, robots, and more to monitor key performance and health factors across a building or campus, and respond to issues automatically. 

We Work With

Unifying old and new systems.

Optimizing HVAC based on usage.

Modernizing legacy infrastructure.

To Create High Functioning

Integrating existing systems.

Centralizing siloed technologies.

Metering in a single data ecosystem.

What Makes Our Platform the Best?

These are a few of the most common reasons we hear from our customers as to why they love the M1 Platform.

Quick Setup

Our cloud-based web stack is built to simplify the setup process, and our team is available to help every step of the way.

Cross-Platform Ecosystem

Use your favorite hardware brands from our list of supported integrations, or get in touch to discuss adding new ones.

Ease of Use

Built to be mobile responsive, accessible, and easy for the user, which means you'll spend less on training users.

Deep Analytics

Discover anomalies and trends in monitored environments to ensure systems are operating as expected.

White Labeling

Implement your own branding, and reduce the need for expensive in-house software development initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance

Maintain compliance for environmental pollutants, energy certifications, wastewater treatment, and more.

intelligent technology ecosystem

Secure and Compliant

Designed to Meet US Government Security Standards

Trusted by Industry Experts

The M1 Platform provides the foundation for a wide range of facility monitoring and automation use cases.

Hardware Manufacturers

Provide customers with a better user experience and reduce the need for separate software.

IoT Consultants

Ideal for consulting groups that design and implement cross-manufacturer IoT solutions.

Government Entities

Designed for use by US Department of Defense, with applications for state and local governments.

Bridging the Facility Ecosystem

Commercial IoT systems can control lighting, monitor and regulate heating, alert us to unexpected water use, or even deploy robots, but incompatible software and data silos makes it impossible for devices to share data or even work together.

SRT Labs is building a new paradigm.

A Common Data Ecosystem

Bring together hardware and software, across manufacturers and platforms.

Monitor, Analyze, Automate

Visualize facility on a map-based interface that connects software and hardware across systems.

Actionable Intelligence

Real-time status updates and future-ready analytics provide customized action-oriented insights.

Fast Track Project ROI

Deploy new capabilities quickly, and start demonstrating a return on investment with the first opportunity.

Real-Time Map-Based Interface

Changes to system health are reflected on the map immediately - no refresh required.

Instantaneous Notifications

Critical action alerts can be immediately delivered as email and SMS text message notifications.

Regularly Scheduled Reports

Deliver important recommendations and trends to the team's inbox as a periodic PDF report.

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Ready to Deploy Software Solutions

In addition to a fully customized enterprise solution, the M1 Platform powers the following software applications.

Condition Monitoring

Maintain mission-critical machines, infrastructure, and spaces

Intelligent Building

Improve facility health and safety while reducing utility consumption

Water Management

Track water from source to treatment to maintain and conserve

Robotic Fleet

Orchestrate and optimize a cross-manufacturer robotic fleet

An Expanding Ecosystem

1 +
Hardware Partners
1 +
Smart IoT Sensors
Building Automation Systems
7 +
Water Management Partners

Join our ecosystem as a partner.

Secure Data Layer

Create a single point of reference for data within your ecosystem with seamless access to and integration of applications spanning various sources, functions, and locations, in compliance with US Military Unified Data Layer (UDL) efforts.

Commercial and Government Cloud Licensing Available

In addition to our highly secure commercially available web application, a DoD-compliant environment is available which supports IL4 / IL5 with an additional license.

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