Reducing Energy Usage in Underutilized Commercial Spaces with IoT and Automation

A US Mid-scale Commercial Office Building Case Study

A Case Study of a Mid-scale Commercial Office Building assessing space usage across a 6-story building with capacity 2000, using a suite of 31 occupancy sensors and a 30-day data collection.

In 2022, the Client was planning to consolidate two of their campuses to streamline business operations, centralize technology and engineering teams, and continue to foster a culture of collaboration. The Client’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions provides an opportunity for the Client to continue its support of sustainability and ethical practices as it streamlines into this common campus.

One area identified for potential energy savings is indoor climate control, which needs to balance energy savings and productivity-impacting comfort. In this Space Usage Audit, SRT Labs provides an analysis of the employee distribution across Building 1 and identifies opportunities for potential energy savings by aligning the climate control of conference rooms and usage.

The goals of this project were to

  1. determine which spaces in Building 1 are used less frequently, so as to suggest methods for the Client to more efficiently use their space, and to
  2. recommend technologies to automate HVAC setpoint changes to optimize energy while protecting tenant comfort. These needs support the Client’s commitment to energy efficiency, while balancing employee productivity and comfort.

This Space Usage Audit has identified a significant portion of time when the reservable large conference rooms are unoccupied, as well as significantly under-used floors and wings, highlighting opportunities to reduce the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) usage.

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